Kenya(Nairobi) has been  identified as one of  the Top business hubs in Africa according to a report by Business inside Africa with a total index score of  24.01.Due to this,there has been a rise in the number of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in search of Top talented candidates to join their team.Good news!More opportunities to reduce the un-employed numbers.Right?…..We totally agree.But,is your organisation safe?

How do you keep your employees happy and reduce turnover as new businesses “entice and hunt” for special talents in your organisation? Here are four suggestions on how you can create room for them to grow internally:

  1. Offer training programs

Are you presenting your employees with the opportunity to up-level their skills? When you invest in your employees, they feel valued and remain loyal to your company because you helped them develop and strengthen their talents and abilities.


Consider creating an internal professional development program(s) to improve the specific skills of your team.You can also invest in your employees’ future by catering for Certification expenses  like catering for a team Linkedin premium subscription to allow them access Linkedin learning material  and certification(s).

  1. Establish employee engagement strategies.

Including ALL of your  employees at all levels  not just those at managerial or executive positions results in a feeling of belonging.Members are more likely to remain with a company that puts them into consideration.You can introduce this to your company by treating entry-level employees with the same care as those at higher levels, which results in low turnover for the company.

  1. Emphasize collaboration as of your company’s culture

Team work makes the dream work.Consider opening collaboration doors that encourage team members to explore their commonalities such as planning for company team-building retreats.Employees feel more connected and therefore, are more enthusiastic about collaborating on projects together.This will lead to an  increased tendency to support one another in accomplishing team projects as well as encouraging one another in the achievement of personal, professional, and  company goals.

  1. Open the door to discussion about career paths and goals

Ask your employees what their goals are. A clear sense of direction helps them stay focused and helps you guide them in the right direction. If you know what they’re seeking you can support their efforts by recognizing and staying open to opportunities that may help them along the way.

If your company is one that has experienced high turnover rates, you can shift the trend by helping your employees to grow internally. Consider the four recommendations above and see what a difference they can make in your employees’ loyalty in the long run.

Alternatively,you can Talk to us today and our Industry leading HR experts will support your Existing HR department in identifying issues causing the high turn-over rate and work to ensure a resolving plan is put into effect .


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