The ability to learn is essential for career success in Kenya given the country’s competitive job market and frequently shifting industry trends. You may develop your talents, advance professionally, and stay current in your field by learning. In light of this, don’t put off learning a new skill until the day your current one become obsolete.

We will discuss three resources in this article that you can use right away to get your learning process going and take control of your professional development.

1.LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning enables anyone to pick up business, software, technological, and creative skills whenever they need them. With premium subscription options, you may access both full-length certification courses to demonstrate your mastery of a particular profession and free short courses to hone your skills . A video library of excellent, engaging tutorials delivered by well-known industry professionals is offered through LinkedIn Learning. You’ll be able to learn something new, hone your abilities, solve an issue, and use it in your profession whether it’s through comprehensive courses or bite-sized videos.


Coursera is an online learning community where you can sign up and access courses from the best universities in the world. You have a vast range of areas to choose from, including finance, computer science, and many others. You can download course content in the form of quick videos that last around five minutes through their portal and watch them on the go.

With their straightforward design and uncomplicated learning framework, you can “learn on the go,” get your certificate, and begin using your newly acquired abilities.

3.Google Academy

The term “Google” is certainly one that you are pretty familiar with.But, did you know that google is not   just a search engine? They also offer a wide range of courses under the Google Academy banner.The majority of their courses are appropriate for programmers and marketers. For instance, their Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training gives digital marketers the knowledge they need to analyze website traffic and calculate their return on investment. Professionals from other industries can also master the fundamentals of digital marketing, which could become a prerequisite for most jobs in the future.

We hope this motivates you to look into new opportunities for career upskilling and if you have, how has the process been? Please share with us in the comments.

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