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3 LinkedIn Tips That Will Get You Your Next Job

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is proving one of the most useful resources for job seekers and professionals alike.

With the disruption from Covid-19 set to continue and the future of most businesses and organizations being uncertain, you need to have all your marketing tools ready.

Can you really get a job from LinkedIn? Well, yes!

Countless professionals have been linked with employment opportunities from the platform. However, due to competition, your profile needs to be a cut above the rest.

Here’s how to effectively build your LinkedIn profile and easily connect with other professionals and potential employers. 

LinkedIn Tips 1: Add Relevant Keywords & Search Terms in Your Skills Sections

Every profession has its specific keywords and phrases.

The keywords in an engineering profession are unique and different from any other field.

When an employer is looking to hire a professional, they’ll use specific search terms. If  these terms are included in your profile, the employer will have an easier time finding you.

Additionally, you can get your connections to endorse you on the skills listed. This will build confidence for the employer that you’re well versed with the skills and abilities needed to execute the tasks required by the employer.

LinkedIn allows up to 50 skills and endorsements, but instead of going for numbers, choose a handful of your strongest and most relevant skills.

LinkedIn Tips 2: Optimize Your Headline & Photo

LinkedIn’s main objective is to connect professionals with other professionals and employment opportunities.

As such, you need to be professional at all times to maximize your chances of connecting with your future employer.

Having a professional photo and headline will help you get more clicks when an employer or recruiter is searching for the ideal candidate.

While no one should ever be judged based on just their photo, someone will unconsciously be more inclined to click on a profile with a professional photo than one without.

Other than looking more professional and trustworthy, having a photo shows you took the time to create an outstanding profile to connect with the employers.


The headline is usually the info displayed just below the photo in search results.

The information you put as your headline can also improve your chances of landing a job through LinkedIn.

For instance, if your headline reads, ‘Software Engineer at XYZ Company’ whenever someone searches for software engineers, your results will be at the top, with the headline prominently displaying that that is what you do.

LinkedIn Tips 3: Have Accomplishments Under Past Jobs & Experience

The experience section on the LinkedIn profile is more than just an avenue to talk about your previous responsibilities. Most professionals will simply say ‘responsible for ABC…’

Instead of listing your duties, clearly show what you’ve been able to accomplish in your previous and current positions. And remember, be as specific as possible when it comes to achievements.

For example, you can say ‘Increased department revenue by 13% by acquiring 16 new clients through 2019.

This is a great way to spruce up your CV as well as it focuses on your track record and the potential value you would bring on board in an employer hires you.


The right LinkedIn profile can help you get to new and exciting opportunities that would have passed you by otherwise. However, you do need to put in the time to create a professionally attractive and pleasing profile.

If you have any questions regarding your LinkedIn Profile, or, if you would like assistance customizing your current profile reach our team of recruiters and LinkedIn experts at

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