5 Effective Working From Home Tips

Over the last few months, the Coronavirus epidemic has affected the entire world. And professionals from all industries have not been spared. While it is unfortunate that some professionals have lost their jobs, most companies are opting for a remote workforce, who need working from home tips to succeed.

Working from home has its perks, and at the same time, a unique set of challenges. For starters, you may be more relaxed when working from home since there is no direct supervision. Additionally, you’ll likely have more distractions when working in the house that you would from the office.

Regardless of the challenges, your employer still expects you to seamlessly continue with most –if not all of your duties, and to deliver results.

To that effect, we sought advice on how you can still maintain productivity, even in the face of a dynamic set of challenges. Here are a few practical tips that will boost your efficiency when you’re working from home.

1. Keep your work and your home life separate

This can be a bit challenging for most people. After all, a home is supposed to provide comfort. However, you can beat this obstacle by merely designating a particular part of your house to act as an office. You could use an extra room or one corner of your bedroom as your workstation. This helps create a conducive environment for you to work from.

2. Create a work plan                                                

It is only possible to have effective results when you have time set aside for work. Have an 8-hour schedule where your focus is on work alone. Avoid delegating more tasks within this time as it will bring about distractions that eventually affect your work schedule. 

The joy of working from home is that there is no one to supervise what time you need to wake up and get your work done. You could choose to wake up at noon as long as you lock in your eight hours of work before the day ends.

3. Communicate

One of the key working from home tips regards communication. Communication is a vital part of attaining productivity. This is more so the case if you do not live alone. You need to communicate with the other members in the house and explain you have to meet specific professional expectations and goals from work.

This helps reduce the number of distractions from others in the house. Additionally, where relevant, it helps realign the distribution of house duties and chores.

You should also respect your schedule. The comfort of working from home is very tempting. You may want to take frequent unnecessary breaks like going for snacks, having chats with friends, or screen time. Motivate yourself and as hard and tempting as it may be, stick to that schedule.  

4. Observe hygiene and grooming habits

I know it can be tempting to dive right into work immediately you wake up. You feel that you don’t need to shower. You even have your breakfast as you go through your to-do list for the day while going through your texts and social media feeds. Well, more often than not, not starting fresh leads to very low productivity at work.

At some point during the day, exhaustion will kick in, and so will boredom. Your brain will shut down, and any work you do for the remainder of that day will be done on autopilot, yielding no productivity.

Wake up early, take a shower and get dressed for the day. You do not even need to be formal. Just dress in clean and comfortable clothes. 

Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and have a nice meal. Then get to work. Preparing yourself for work gives you a sense of responsibility, accountability, and respect for your work, and this helps you focus, enjoy, and have an overall excellent performance at work.

5. Do not overwork yourself

Working from home does not afford the same responsibilities the office would. In the office, you likely have a schedule, and at the end of the day, when you’re done with your tasks, you close for the day and go home.

In some cases, working from home may lead you to exert yourself, which, while commendable, is not recommended. No. there’s no harm in putting in more effort or adding a couple of hours to your work schedule.

However, you need to remember the importance of having a work-life balance. If you overexert yourself, it could lead to early exhaustion or even burnout. Consequently, this will lead to a dip in your quality of work.

Remember to take a break and reenergize for the next day. You can watch a movie, play games, read a book, or something else to help you unwind and get ready for upcoming tasks.

Working From Home Tips Conclusion

With the right focus, working from home can be just as productive as working from the office. With these tips, you will maintain and even grow your productivity until the situation gets better. Need more tips for your work? Read more on how to best optimize your career.

What other tips have you found useful when working from home? Share with us your thoughts on the comments section below.

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