5 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Ever wished you had a list of great interview tips?

Planning to attend an interview comes with a lot of anxiety. This is the fear of not being well prepared and not getting the job. Sure, you can never be too ready for an interview, no matter how many of them you have attended previously. Every new interview means meeting new people, doing your best to sell your skills, all the while trying to remain calm through the entire process. It is nerve racking to think about it.

Attending an interview should, however, not be too mentally exhausting for you. With the right tools, you are guaranteed a perfect interview with a great chance to get the job. Below are six essential tips that will help you get hired.

1. Have all your documents ready

When sending your resume, ensure that all your professional documents are well organized and updated. Send a soft copy and a hard copy to the hiring manager days before the interview so that they can go through it and have the opportunity to get in touch with your referees beforehand.

Give enough information on your CV. You may have worked for many companies over the years; hence you have gathered a lot of new skills that would be of benefit to this company. However, try and keep all this information to a minimum unless asked.

On the day of the interview, carry an extra resume as well as a notepad and a pen. Take notes where necessary.

2. Apply for jobs you are qualified for

What would happen if a teacher applied for a doctor’s position? Both are noble professions in the line of service, but neither is qualified to work in the other field. Your certification is adamant in your getting a particular job. Therefore, unless your career has a relationship with the said job post in terms of qualification, do not apply. For example, a teacher of English and literacy can very efficiently work as a translator for a particular party if she has common or advanced knowledge of the two. But that same teacher cannot be a doctor unless she goes back to school and studies for it.

3. Be professional during and after the interview

Any potential employer looks for professionalism in their prospective employee. When invited for an interview, arrive a couple of minutes earlier. This will give you enough time to go through your resume and to freshen up.

Dress appropriately for the interview. First impressions are indeed vital. If it is a formal interview, then dress formally in a suit and tie, if it is an informal interview, dress casually but decently. Prepare your attire a couple of nights before to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the said date and that common accidents do not happen to derail you. You can prevent such accidents by picking out an extra outfit for backup.

Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Body language shows that you are not shy and can interact with people without fear. Answer all the questions asked in a concise manner keeping it short and to the point. Interact on current affairs that relate to the companies when required to. This is usually a great time to ask questions about the company.

4. Do your research

One of the best interview tips is to never attend an interview blind sighted. Technology has greatly evolved in helping us learn the most basic information about anything there is to know. Companies have websites, social media platforms, and press releases. Visit these sites and learn everything there is to know about the company you intend to work for. Having this information will improve your confidence when answering questions during the interview since you will have information that you can relate to. Such information is also beneficial in giving you questions to ask during the interview in areas where you would need clarity about the company.

5. Do not stop searching

Having one invite to an interview should not bring your job search to a stop. Until you get the hiring letter and start working at the new company, keep sending out that resume. After all, you should never put all your eggs in that one basket.

Interview Tips Conclusion

Interviews are not easy, but you need to attend them, and while at it, you need all the confidence and all the help you need. Using the above tips, you are guaranteed a few more steps closer to getting that job you love. All the best, and reach out in case you need help from a professional interview coach to help you ace your next interview.

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