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5 Poor Job Search Habits Harming Your Mindset

The highs and lows of looking for a new job can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. The constant series of rejections coupled with a dwindling bank balance, may fill you with doubt, insecurities and financial anxiety. If your job search drags on for months, you may eventually sink into job search depression.


Depression and job search go hand in hand, creating a vicious cycle. Being unemployed can cause depression, and depression can stop you from looking for a job.

Keep in mind that 50% of job search success is mental and therefore your mindset is one of your powerful arsenals.

It is therefore important to adopt healthy habits that feed and safeguard your mindset so that you can approach your job-hunt with a positive, winner attitude.  

Below are 4 unhealthy mindset killing habits that will negatively affect your job search.

Embracing Negative Criticism

If you’re unemployed, you’ll at times be the recipient of some hurtful comments that may undermine you, shatter your self-esteem and even break your spirit:

“You need to do this. You need to do that.”

“Stop being picky or lazy and take whatever you can get.”

“It’s your fault you didn’t get ABC job because you did XYZ”

Don’t obsess over such destructive comments because they will only zap the energy you need to direct to your job hunt. However, don’t always view every comment negatively because constructive criticism can fire your drive and fill you with renewed motivation.

Evaluate every comment that hits your ear for truth and application.  If it boosts your morale and pushes you to do more – embrace it. However, if it drains, dehumanizes or demoralizes you- let it go.

Taking Rejection Personally

There’s no motivational quote good enough to prepare you for the disappointing feelings that stem from rejections. When you’ve put your best foot forward to secure a job then you hear nothing back from recruiters, rejection can hit you hard and put you down.  

It’s okay to feel dejected but keep in mind that you have two options: you can spend time focusing on what’s going wrong or you can spend time taking action to make things go right. So try to find a positive spin and take every failure as a learning opportunity. Whatever you do, don’t stay down. Bounce back because there’s a job out there for you and you MUST find it.

Falling Into The Comparison Trap

Each person’s life journey- including the job search journey- is different so you shouldn’t measure your life against others.

However, sometimes when you see your peers – landing good jobs, getting promotions, winning awards, buying lands and cars and globetrotting, you can’t help but feel like everyone’s winning the job search game except you.

Even though it’s natural to look to your peers to learn their achievement, failures and their job hunt hacks, don’t getting carried away because you’ll be left feeling miserable and inadequate.   

Instead of wasting your energy playing the comparison game: stay focused on your career goals, make small milestones and celebrates your victories, no matter how small

Playing Victim

Viewing your world through victim filters will turn you into a forlorn, frustrated pessimist who approaches everything with a pre-defeated attitude.

Victims are stuck in a perpetual worst case scenario blaming their circumstance on everything from their lack of a degree, relevant experience or connections and even the government’s failure to create job.

Realistically, life is not fair and some of these factors may affect your job search efforts. However, victimhood only keeps you in a state of inaction because you’ll stay pointing fingers instead of getting pro-active to find your dream job.

You already have everything you need to be successful. So envision the best-case scenarios and take back the control regardless of how powerless you feel.

Isolating Yourself

Research has revealed that job seekers especially the unemployed avoid social interactions. Isolation can lead to stress, depression and lack of motivation so don’t disconnect from the world.

You need all the support and motivation when looking for a job and family and friends will provide that.

You are jobless not joyless. So stay social.

Go out for coffee with a friend. Get a health buddy. Join online support communities. Network. Volunteer. Connect. Who knows, one of these people may have the lead that will land you your dream job.   

Final Thoughts

Your mindset has the power to impact your success and it plays a critical role in how you cope and overcome challenges. It can sabotage your job search, putting up emotional roadblocks that will undermine and cripple your efforts.

So take a close look at your habits. Identify the mindset killing habits that leave you with doubt, fear and frustrations. Get rid of them and adopt healthy habits that will optimize your mindset so that you confidently start operating from a place of power, positivism and possibility.

Do you feel frustrated in your job hunt? Connect with our experienced recruiters who will guide you on how to land a job.

3 thoughts on “5 Poor Job Search Habits Harming Your Mindset”

  1. Am really enlightened with this post. Actually it all starts in the mindset the battle of discouragement.We will not give up not any soon. Well Am currently looking for entry level position for hr I have 3years experience as admistrative Assistant. any leads will be of help.

    1. Hey Nina.

      Yes, your mindset and attitude are very key to your job search. If you lose that battle, you may get into a depression and that will further cripple your search efforts.

      So stay positive.

      Please keep checking our website for entry level positions in Administration or related fields and make timely applications.

      Meanwhile, please send your contact details to Eric so that we can inform you whenever we post a new job.

      And always feel free to call or Whatsapp on +254 715 155 512 for further inquiries,free career advice and recruitment help.

      Wishing you all the very best in your job search. Be encouraged.

  2. A Very helpful article, seeking an entry level job for a bachelors degree in business management.

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