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5 Reasons To Invest In A Professional CV Writer

Looking for a job is already expensive without the additional expense of paying a CV Writer

It cost money to print CVs, buy interview suits, go to networking events and pay for transport.

Besides, your CV is error free with no spelling or grammatical mistakes, so you think there’s no additional value that a professional CV writing service can provide.

You’re mistaken

CV Writing professionals do more than simply remove spelling and grammatical errors, there’s Grammarly for that.

A good CV Writer will use the right keywords, the right format and the right style to tell a focused, cohesive story that will get you a seat at the interview table.

Here are 5 really good reasons why CV Writing Services are definitely worth your investment.

Optimize For The Applicant Tracking System

Nowadays, it’s not just about making an impression on hiring managers – you also have to impress a computer program.

Before your CV is seen by a recruiter, it must pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS).

So if you’re not using the proper keywords and formatting, the ATS will automatically disqualify you.

With the right keywords and correct format, a professional CV writer will help you optimize your resume in a way that gets you past the ATS.

Persuasive Writing and Marketing Are Not Your Forte

If you’re an accountant, figures and numbers are your thing not words.

If you’re a top chef, pots and pans are your tools of trade, not keyboards.

If you’re a painter, you’d rather work with a blank canvas instead of a blank word page

You get the gist. We all have our unique set of skills and talents. Unfortunately, we are first judged by the words on our CV.

So if the marketing and persuasive writing skills needed to write a CV are not your forte – a CV writer is the right person to help.

Let a pro figure out how to advertise you talents on paper while you focus on honing your most valuable skills

You Don’t Know The Proper Format And Style

There are numerous ways to format your CV nowadays. The correct format for you will depend on how many jobs you’ve held, you career timeline, education, experience etc.

Do you know which CV format and style suits your career history?

If your answer was no, a professional CV Writer can recommend the most practical format to use based on your skills, career goals and job history.

Remember you’re formatting for both humans and computers, so if you don’t know how to do this, you are better off letting a professional handle it.

Your Career History Is Not Perfect

Perhaps you took a career break to study or parent and you now have a huge unemployment gap.

Maybe you are making a career transition and have no idea how to showcase your transferable skills for this new field.

Or maybe you worked for short amounts of time on a series of jobs and fear being perceived as a job-hopper.  

Even though CV Writers can’t rewrite history, they can strategically write your CV in a way that highlights your strengths whilst downplaying your weaknesses.

You Lack Insights Into HR And Job Market Trends

Anybody can search how to write a CV and create a fairly decent resume.

However, the job market landscape keeps changing rapidly and your CV may fail to reflect current best practices.

Professional CV Writing Services stay on top of current hiring trends. Therefore, they can make sure your CV is attractive, up-to-date and in line with current trends.

Besides, most CV Writers are either former HR professionals, recruiters or work closely with recruiters.

Because of this experience, they can help you present your CV in the way they know recruiters and hiring manager expect.


There are many benefits of working with a CV Writer that go beyond their expertise in writing.

Working with a CV Writing Service is therefore not a waste of money.

In fact, it’s a worthwhile investment that will shorten your job search, and help you land your next job sooner.

Need help with your resume? Our professional CV writers can help!

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