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8 Benefits Of Job Hunting With A Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is an organization that is paid to find the best employees for other employers and businesses.

Think of them as the middle-men between companies looking to fill vacant job positions and candidates looking for jobs.

Recruiters collect CVs, screen candidates, conduct interviews, perform background checks and shortlist the best and select the top contenders.

Working with a recruiter can have a great impact on your job search efforts. These are the 8 benefits of job hunting through a job recruitment agency

Connections To More Jobs That Aren’t Advertised

Do you know that 70% of jobs are not advertised on job search websites? Most companies only post vacant positions on their websites. If you rely heavily on job boards to find jobs, you could be missing out numerous opportunities.

Furthermore, recruiters get the first scoop on new jobs but don’t always advertise these jobs because this slows down the recruitment process. Employers usually need to find employers in short-time frames. In order to meet strict timelines, recruiters don’t advertise, but instead use their database and networks to find suitable candidates.

By signing up to be part of a recruiter’s database, you become part of their inner circle. They will therefore alert you on the latest confidentially advertised and unposted jobs. With access to more jobs to apply to, you stand a better chance of landing the dream job you want.

Gain A Wider Job-Search Network

Recruiters are highly connected to employers and hiring managers.

They spend a great deal of time researching companies and creating connections with employers through face-to-face networking, phone calls and their database pool.

They basically do the job search for you and post the opportunities they find. By tapping into a staffing agency’s connection, you can get the most out of your job-search efforts and grow your networks exponentially.

Get Insider Information

Job descriptions and company websites don’t provide in-depth insights about a job, as well as the organization’s culture, standards and expectation.

Staffing agencies know all these details and more about a prospective employer. If they’re helping you prepare for an interview, they will equip you with this insider information, which will hopefully increase your chances of landing the job.

A good recruiter will go a step further and do a bit of fact-finding about a candidate’s career aspiration, motivation and background. As a result, they will be able to recommend not just the right job but also the right company so that you can achieve job satisfaction.

CV Feedback And Interview Preparation

Recruiters have examined a lot of CVs and cover letters and conducted multiple job interviews for their diverse clients. A recruiter can therefore give you practical advice on how to write and organize your CV in a way that will get employers’ attention.

They can also coach you on how to fully prepare for job interviews, going through relevant questions and recommending how to answer tough and tricky questions. This kind of preparation will boost your confidence and you’ll be able to approach job interviews with poise.

Get Constructive Feedback

Recruiters know what’s best. They understand the job market and recognize what it can take to make you a top-tier candidate.  

They can therefore expend valuable knowledge about your field or industry. You can always ask your recruiter about relevant jobs related to your expertise. You can also gain insights about how often they recruit for such positions and even the salary ranges.

A recruiter can also give you candid feedback on your chances of landing a job. They will give you honest assessments about your strengths and weaknesses and tell you how you compare to other professionals.

If you don’t land the job after the hiring process, a recruiter will help you understand why. He will then assist you to strengthen your interview skills so that you can succeed next time.    

You Stay In A Database

Even if you don’t get a job after several application and interview attempts, your details stay in the database. Your CV is not thrown in a dustbin but kept for future consideration.

Don’t worry, your details won’t get lost because the applicant tracking system makes sifting through candidates easy.

Databases make applying for future jobs easy and straightforward. Since your details are stored you don’t have to repeat the same processes of filling forms over and over again. It also ensures you get timely notifications about new and relevant jobs.

Saves You Time And Energy

How many hours do you spend scouring through multiple job boards and submitting applications? Job hunting is an extremely time consuming process. Sifting through open vacancies, customizing your CV, drafting cover letters, filling out lengthy application forms, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews….there’s a lot to do.

Working with a recruiter will help you reduce this workload. Recruiters work round the clock trying to get the best employee for their clients. They know what vacant positions are out there and they also know you’re out there.

Using this knowledge, they point you to the right positions so that you don’t waste time looking for jobs that aren’t a right fit. Some agencies offer premium CV Writing and Interview Coaching Services that will help you save considerable time and energy.

Absolutely Free Job Placement

A recruitment agency is paid by employers who are looking for the best and the brightest candidate. Here at GAP Recruitment, we place job candidates absolutely free of charge. If you fulfill the requirements specified by our clients, we will shortlist and recommend you at no cost to you. No hidden costs or charges are levied against you – how awesome is that?


As a professional, it is important to seize any opportunity that will help you connect with the right job. Family, friends, previous employers and social networks are great resources to help you in the job search. However, recruiters can help you gain a wider network, give you practical career advice and direct you to relevant job leads-including those not advertised on job boards. Cultivate a relationship with your recruitment agency and they could prove instrumental in your career progression.

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