Hey, it is already 18 days into the new year and perhaps you are getting deep into your new year resolutions. Could one of them have been; getting a new job? If yes, what routes are you walking on towards getting that dream job?

Let’s talk 2020; what a tough route for many of us yet to put it simply for the sake of an agreement that it was a year of learnings and lessons. Many employees were laid off as employers struggled to ‘balance the books’ with the economic hardship brought about by the global pandemic. If you were not among those badly affected then you are lucky but still for you, you might be dreaming of getting that big promotion at your current workplace now that you have shown resilience by working in the pandemic.

Anyway those 6 months savings are dwindling pretty fast and now your focus has been turned towards landing a new gig. The only challenge you face this January is getting the right job search stuff. Yes, I say stuff because you can’t really seem to easily sieve them to get the right advice to kicking off your job hunt and eventually making it to nailing one.

So, what routes should you take to get a new job in the remaining 12 days of the job search month?

Route 1: Have A Smart – Killer Resume

A Smart killer resume shows off who you are while at the same time gives you an advantage on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Simply put it as ‘an advertisement of the package that you are’. So, it is more than academic qualifications and experiences!

There are things that you are used to doing in the past in your resume that may not be working out now. For example, do you know qualities of a smart CV? A smart CV is different from a normal cv as it is tailored to stand out in ATS systems. Now, what are ATS systems? Applicant Tracking Systems are management systems used by recruiters to select candidates by grading suitability using keywords, this is 2021 you know! You may therefore reconsider repetition of keywords in your smart CV to make you stand out among other job seekers. More of these considerations could be: changing fonts from the weird ones you have been using to using professional ones, changing the chronological order of events to give you flexibility to highlight your best and most relevant accomplishments, varying your verbs so that every bullet in your resume doesn’t start with ‘responsible for’ or ‘in charge of’. Proof read for grammar or spelling errors to decrease your chances of ‘trash’ pile. Note that most of the ATS systems do not read tables and diagrams hence you could be disadvantaged if your smart CV has the above.

Lastly, word documents change depending with the mode of viewing hence you must put your Curriculum Vitae as a PDF. I have seen hundreds of forwarded CV’s from drives that require password to access. Imagine a recruiter calling you to ask for your password to access your cv! This is a sure route to avoid getting your resume into the ‘trash resume’ folder.

Route 2: Create an Awesome Linked-In

This route will help you put your best foot forward hence you have to have an up to date Linked In!

Firstly, Linked-In is a platform on which recruiters use to find job seekers and candidates as well as vice versa. Linked -In has a huge pool of candidates but the big question here for me and you is; will the recruiters find you? Most candidates have a one liner describing a 5-year career! Is this really justice to the awesome skills and experience one has amassed? Therefore, Dear jobseeker, make your Linked -In Profile as complete as possible and if you don’t have one, go create it right now. Remember also to connect with lots of people and joining groups relevant to your profession. Through groups, you will get access to premium members who you would otherwise have no have access to. With this point, let’s imagine you writing this to a recruiter who you met in a Linked In groups, ‘Hey Ms. Carolyne, we’re in this Human Resource group together on Linked In. May I ask you a question?’.  With this approach, you are guaranteed of a reply.

Now, with time as you update your status, you will begin asking for recommendations. Good reviews from customers, former workmates/current and supervisors will make you to seriously stand out among other job seekers this January! Just remember that a Linked – In profile is your digital CV and not a copy pasted CV so try and get as creative as possible to differentiate it from the attached CV. Otherwise, as a recruiter, I may feel less excited reading the same CV twice! Be awesome.

Route 3: Sell Your Face

There is an old adage that says ‘treat people well because they have the money that you need’. Here we say ‘show your face more as it may get you the job you need’. You may have been used to advertising your face behind that fancy computer. Now it is time for you to step away from it and seal the sale (sale of your face). Go to events, meet ups, seminars and just meet everyone you can. Put that face out there. It may never be clear on what you may get out there but never say no to an invitation. In short, I mean network.

Make your own luck by increasing the odds of getting a right connection. You actually might never know what lies out there unless you are out there. Still, remember to keep networking on your optimized Linked In profile. With time ticking away, it is a huge task to keep your energy up over the course of a job search. This could be a result of mental shock that it is already 18 days gone and you have nothing to show off or simply trying to juggle your current job and still keep looking for another one. Hang in there and keep your spirit as cheerful as possible because the search for a fit job can take a while.

Now that you know where to begin 18 days into the new year, you have to know how to find the right jobs for you. Your time is better spent crafting killer applications for a few jobs than just applying for any job as if you are not sure of what you are applying for. Visit Gap recruitment services to see a right job for you. The most important thing is taking good care of yourself and following some of the above advised routes! To start the process of having a killer resume, email your current CV to careerdevelopment@gaprecruitment.co.ke and one of our cv writers will get back to you shortly. For further queries on CV writing, reach us on phone through +254207862222 or +254 715 155 512. Goodluck!

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