ATS compliant Resume.

Receiving an interview invitation call is a goal shared by all job applicants, and we tend to fantasize and remain anxious about it from the moment we click the submit button on our applications. It’s the same for you, correct? However, this does not always occur. You may be qualified, or even overqualified; this does occur. How do we know this? You sometimes make follow-up calls, and we sift through hundreds of applications to determine how overqualified you are. You may be wondering what the secret is. It all comes down to the way your offer is packaged. If you wish to be hired in March and the months ahead, you must first understand and optimize your resume for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of software application that automates the process of recruiting and hiring.The (ATS) begins by creating a job posting for a business which is shared on websites and job boards. It denotes distinct sections on a resume, such as languages, skills, and more. Following that, the ATS searches for specific qualifications and keywords.

The majority of businesses and recruiters are now using an applicant tracking system (ATS), but only about 30% of resumes make it through to be seen by a human/recruiter. If you want to land that job, you need to be one of the 30% who make it through.

Kenya’s economy is improving; the majority of organizations have reopened following closures due to the Corona virus pandemic, with a sole focus on profit, and they are hiring again. This is an excellent time to be job hunting, as opportunities are increasing; don’t delay, submit your applications now. Let us now get down to the day’s business.

Here are our tips for nailing your resume:

1 Prioritise relevance

Your resume should place a greater emphasis on your most relevant skills, experience, and passion for the job you’re applying for; this is what recruiters are looking for. Do not include previous role metrics that do not apply on the current one. Rather than that, rearrange the bullet points under each previous role to emphasize the most pertinent experience and metrics for the job for which you’re applying.

2. Apply only to roles you’re qualified for.

To ensure that your application makes it through the system and into the eyes of recruiters, ensure that you are truly qualified and that you meet at least the minimum requirements. This does not mean that you must meet every single job requirement on the list; only the most fundamental and critical ones. For instance, some applicant tracking systems may not recommend your application to a recruiter if the job requires at least five years of experience and you only have two. Occasionally, a lack of core skills required to perform a job will automatically disqualify your application. You should apply to positions best fit for.

3. Avoid excessive fancy formatting/designs.

Avoid excessive formatting and the use of incompatible templates . Occasionally, the ATS will overlook some of these. What then should you use? To be safe, a simple word or pdf document should suffice to package your offer for the hiring team.

Additionally, while including your LinkedIn page in your contact information is beneficial, the best practice is to type the full address rather than hyperlinking the word “LinkedIn.” Occasionally, the ATS will disable the hyperlink, making it more difficult for the hiring team to locate you. To photograph or not to photograph?

4.Utilize the proper resume format

You must select the correct resume format. The ATS supports the reverse-chronological format best. It highlights your work experience at the top of the page. Following that, it will rank your experiences in order of importance. Employers and recruiters enjoy a high level of familiarity with this format. The reverse-chronological format almost always works flawlessly.

5. Individualize each application.

When applying for any position, always assume the organization makes use of an applicant tracking system (ATS). While you may have a generic resume, we recommend that you read the job description, highlight all relevant keywords, and work on your resume until you can incorporate nearly all of them. Your customized resume will typically stand out more and rank higher on the applicant tracking system (ATS) for that specific role than a generic resume will

Numerous people apply to over 50 jobs and never hear back. Instead of submitting numerous applications with the same resume, prioritize quality. Customise each application to make it stand out to the ATS.

We hope this piece will be beneficial,Thank you for reading!