As a hiring manager, you have been through the hiring process numerous times.  This could either be through your inhouse hiring team or a hiring agency

Most of the times, you have assumed that applicants are telling their actual experience and qualifications through their submitted resume. Can we call that ‘a benefit of doubt?’. While you may be right, some candidates might actually hide or exaggerate the truth in some areas in order to increase the chances of them being picked. And in worst-case scenarios, completely lie to you by hiding who they really are.  

Apart from the candidate’s side, background checks are important to any hiring manager. For you to be effective in your hiring process, checking an applicant’s background will give you an idea of the candidate’s ability and work performance. With this foresight, you are bound to make the right decisions. 

All over the world, hiring managers and recruiters have admitted to making wrong hires 70% of the time. Up to 90% of this mismatch arose from a lack of thorough background checks on candidates being taken through the recruitment processes.  

 Remember, as an employer you are liable to negligent hiring in case your employees are involved in misconducts or illegal activities. This could potentially cost your company a lot of money in legal fees and fines. Therefore, background checks are an opportunity for an employer to verify information provided by the candidate and prevent the above scenario from arising. 

What could be the other benefits of your hiring manager carrying out background checks for candidates? 

1.It will save you millions of shillings 

After hiring, candidates undergo orientation and pieces of training to adapt well to their roles. The aim of any hiring manager is for the hired person to give more value than the value spends on them. Whenever an employee leaves, a replacement has to be done. The replacement has to be trained as well. The inability to retain new hires due to them being the wrong hires can be mitigated through background checks. 

Another example could be, a hospital that hires an employee without carrying out background checks and then the employee is found out by the relevant authorities that they lack proper practising certificates or relevant academic background. That hospital would be liable to fines. This kind of fines running into millions of shillings can be avoided by doing background checks.

2. Assures your employees’ workplace safety 

Every employer knows that workplace safety is paramount. Employees want their safety assured for maximum productivity.  While you give all applicants a chance to apply for your job vacancies without discrimination, there are chances that among your applicants some could be having criminal backgrounds. 

Having an employee with a criminal background at your workplace could come with issues as sexual harassment and even loss of property through sabotage and theft. Checking the records that a government has on a civilian could help you avoid such scenarios and focus more on general productivity. 

3. Hire the best candidate for higher productivity 

Background checks are no longer an option for any responsible hiring manager who wants to provide the best employee to their organization. They are a must. Knowing your candidate’s history helps you predict how the employee performs in future, what type of trainings they may need and in the process of discovering all these, you find yourself making an informed decision of either hiring them or not. 

When you hire the most qualified candidate, you end up growing your business and attracting even more qualified candidates in your future hires

4. To attract the right kind of applications 

When you send your job descriptions to the job boards, you are never in control of who applies apart from the requirements stated. So, in order to encourage honesty in the process and get the right candidates, indicate that background checks are a must. This approach will discourage applicants with something to hide and hence eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process. 

As a hiring manager, now you know that background checks are not just an option but a must. They are a tool to improve your hiring process, help you to get the right candidates, give you a sneak preview of how the employee will perform and in the long run promote higher productivity in your business. 

At Gap Recruitment Services Limited, we not only match the right candidates to the right jobs but carry out screening services for you as well.  By hiring with us, you make an informed decision of acquiring a candidate who is verifiable with a predictable future. Write to us at or call us on +254 715 155 512. Good luck! 

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