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Buni is a Swahili word meaning ‘build.’ We understand the utmost importance of building great teams especially when businesses seek to develop talent pipelines or increase productivity and retention. For small and new businesses, recruitment budgets can be very limiting. But not to worry, Buni is now here with all open possibilities to the new and unique talent that you probably wouldn’t have found through traditional hiring methods.
Buni is a competency-based service that takes students and graduates through a pre work training in office management (emails, calls, ability to take instructions, reporting & presentation) and communication in preparation to help new start-up business, SME or a large corporation with placement of super interns.
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Buni is committed to helping organizations recruit high-achieving interns who will learn many new skills from the experiences they have at our partner companies. Our firm’s team of recruiters will identify qualified candidates that meet the needs of our partners for continued growth.