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Career Advice from Kenya’s leading recruitment agency, Gap Recruitment Agency.

Want to learn how to sky rocket your career? Then read these detailed and career geared articles for the best practice for career growth in Kenya.

4 Benefits Of An Effective Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is often a time-consuming, expensive, tedious affair, no matter how many times you go through it. However, the positive of hiring the perfect professional for your company overshadows these drawbacks. While recruiting is difficult, getting the right candidate who’ll perform per the expectations is an integral part of your business’ growth and…

Four Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Every professional interview you’ll attend will be very different. However, there are a few overlapping factors in most interviews. For instance, some of the questions you’ll be asked during most interviews will likely be the same. In this article, we’ll look at common interview questions and how to answer them. Professional interview coaches advise you to…

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