8 tips to generate a better job lead Today!

Learn to generate a better job lead today for assurance in finding your dream job.

Competition in getting the limited job opportunities has increased and traditional tactics of getting a proper job don’t work anymore. Most employers no longer advertise their vacancies in newspapers and neither do most people look at the newspaper for ads either.

In this article,we will explore how you can a generate better job lead today:
1.Think about what you want

 Firstly, Its important to establish your skillset strength and weakness & the type of work you enjoy doing.For instance,you can deep search across platforms,communities and groups with the same interests to pinpoint specific available opportunities.

2.Research for companies in line with your skills.

Secondly,Identify the hiring companies offering jobs that aline with your skills. The best tip to finding a new job is to go through a company’s page as it helps you get a feel for their company model & culture, find out what they are looking for and apply if best suited.

3.Surf job boards.

Thirdly, most employers are turning to hire from recruitment firms and as a result, job boards guarantee leads to a number of open positions that you can apply for.

4.Reach out to your past Networks

Another key point,consider reaching out to past connections and sell your best abilities for them to consider or refer you to the potential employer

5.  Be on the look out for conferences and events.

Events often attract industry players,for instance,you can come into contact with HR Managers and other departmental heads.

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6.Social media platforms

Social media platforms offer a good opportunity for you to generate a better job lead and because of this,you can message your network and let them know what you are looking for, your availability, and qualifications. .

 7.Look for job ads

Once is a while,check out job ads.Most of the best jobs these days are shown online.Therefore,Take your initiative and surf the internet in search of these golden opportunities.

 8. Volunteer.

In general,use this approch if you are on an entry level of your career,internship or attatchment program.You will gain access to a wide network of proffesionals and opportunities.

In conclusion,finding your dream job requires you to generate a better job lead today.Take your initiative Now!

Choosing between two job offers in Kenya

When Choosing between two job offers,which one do you take?

It is tempting to go for the fat cheque when choosing between two job offers without considering other factors like long term career goals, company culture and even your lifestyle. So, how do you handle this career defining moment?

Here are some questions to lead you into making the right decision.

1.Should you look past benefits?

Getting the best candidates in this competitive market is a hard task. A lot of companies know that. So, companies are offering medical covers and insurance, travel allowances to make themselves an attractive destination to top talents.

Picking a job on the basis of benefits only to realize that it has no career growth will leave you feeling stranded. It is therefore very strategic for you to consider how a job will affect your professional growth. And yes, while the benefits are important, they could lose their importance once you find out that you no longer enjoy the work.

Before accepting an offer , try and reach out to the a career expert first. Ask them to share other possible details you could have missed in the job descriptions that would make you consider job A over Job B. Through them and the information they have shared with you, you will be able to know the    full details of your job responsibilities and make a decision based on that.

For example, it would be well advised to pick a job that will help increase your network and offer you more skills to grow your career.

2.Most opportunities for growth?

Amongst the jobs offered, let’s say one pays you enough money to be able to move houses, acquire a car and generally afford anything you might want. The other job does not pay as much as the first one but it has a lot of opportunities for you to be able to advance your skills and career. Which one do you choose?

If you want to settle and are interested in a role that asks you to maintain mostly with lesser chances of innovation, then it makes sense to pick the one that offers more money. On the other hand, if you are looking to grow upwards both career wise and skill wise, then the job with more opportunities to learn makes perfect sense.

3.How is the company culture like?

You can already tell your colleagues from the interview you had. Were they excited to see you? Through their vibrance, you can tell what the company culture is like. Did the HR send you that offer email because the boss said it or they see value in you joining the organization?

You have the luxury of picking which company culture you want to work in. This includes the kind of colleagues you think you might click with. Remember you will spend more time with your co workers than any other group of people hence believe your instincts if it tells you to work with one group of people over another group.

Having 2 job offers to choose from is a good thing and you should feel good about it. You are confident that the market respects your skills and knowledge and wants you. However, this is a tough career decision and can’t be concluded at a glance. Go through the 2 choices you have been given and then delete the ones that don’t suit you. You are the one with the offers, the opinion and the power to be the best advocate for yourself.

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4 ways to Answer “why” interview questions in Kenya.

Why interview questions are common and you must be prepared on how to respond in a manner that makes you stand out to the recruiter. Being able to articulate why you want the position and why the company should want you can make all the difference and determine whether you end up owning the job title or not.

Why the questions “Why?” matters so much for the hiring team.

Recruiters, companies and hiring teams know that your desire to work for the organization offering the job. The interviewers need to assess whether this will just be another job to you or an opportunity where you’re excited about contributing, innovating, and tackling the challenges that will be presented. That’s why they’re likely to probe to find out whether you’ve done the necessary research to understand the company, the industry trends, and other factors relevant to the role.

Here are our 4 tips for answering some of the common why questions you might get on your next interview.

1.Why this company?

Almost 50% of candidates fail the job interview because they don’t have enough information about the company they’re applying to. It’s important in the beginning stages of your job search to target companies you really want to work for, even if that means casting a smaller net of applications. If you genuinely want to work for the company, you’ll have plenty to say when you answer this question.

“Familiarize yourself with the firm’s work culture, mission and values, its learning and growth opportunities, the products or services you’ll be creating, and so on to be able to answer why you want to work for a company “Lead recruiter, gap recruitment services. When your values are in alignment with the company’s values, your answers will come across as honest and sincere.

2. Why this position?

Answer why you will excel at the position pinpointing specific aspects of the role that you are excited about and state some of the achievements you have attained doing this kind of work in the past.

3. Why are you a good fit?

To prepare, begin by Dissecting the job description, and read between the lines to understand what kind of candidate an organization is looking for. Then, you can strike the right tone by talking about your top strengths and most relevant experiences in the context.

4 .Why are you leaving your current role ?

Consider using the following points to stand out in an interview when asked a similar question.

  • Looking forward to learn more
  • I’m ready to take on more responsibility
  • I believe I’ve progressed as far as I can in my current role
  • Seeking a change of environment to motivate me
  • I want to develop a new skill that isn’t required in my current job

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Odoo ERP developer job description.

Are you an Odoo ERP Specialist seeking to create a perfect resume? We have prepared a sample job description to help you draft a resume that matches your job requirements. To start, Determine what information is most important to prospective employers and emphasize it in your resume to move one step closer to a job interview with a recruiter.

Secondly,understand the Responsibility of an Odoo ERP specialist .

An Odoo ERP Specialist is responsible for managing and administering the organization Odoo ERP System and testing the new System modules to validate that they are working as expected.

The following are common responsibilities of an Odoo specialist:

  • Most importantly,Managing and administering the organization’s Odoo ERP system.
  • Contributing to the development of the organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and cloud computing services.
  • Evaluating the organization’s information technology systems for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Evaluate and recommend the best IT services and ERP system for the firm.
  • Validating that the new system module operate as planned.
  • Delivering completed software products to clients and doing frequent performance audits on the goods.
  • Communicating with users to keep track of new requests and features
  • Organize and preserve documents by storing, managing, tracking, organizing, and maintaining them in accordance with the organization’s document lifecycle procedures.
  • Using cloud storage to back up the organization’s papers to eliminate the possibility of data loss
  • Create and submit monthly (plans and reports) to the line manager.
  • Invest in self-education opportunities and build a professional network while at work. Adhere to all safety and health precautions.
  • Submit comments and impressions that will help to improve the job conducted by concerned employees on any subject that could jeopardize the organization’s integrity, impartiality, or reputation.

Here are examples of requeirements and qualifications required for an Odoo specialist job.

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or any other relevant field.
  • At least 2 years of experience in Odoo ERP System Administration.
  • Prior experience as ERP system administrator.
  • Prior experience as system analyst or in a similar position.
  • Solid Working knowledge of Odoo ERP System.

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ATS compliant Resume.

Receiving an interview invitation call is a goal shared by all job applicants, and we tend to fantasize and remain anxious about it from the moment we click the submit button on our applications. It’s the same for you, correct? However, this does not always occur. You may be qualified, or even overqualified; this does occur. How do we know this? You sometimes make follow-up calls, and we sift through hundreds of applications to determine how overqualified you are. You may be wondering what the secret is. It all comes down to the way your offer is packaged. If you wish to be hired in March and the months ahead, you must first understand and optimize your resume for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of software application that automates the process of recruiting and hiring.The (ATS) begins by creating a job posting for a business which is shared on websites and job boards. It denotes distinct sections on a resume, such as languages, skills, and more. Following that, the ATS searches for specific qualifications and keywords.

The majority of businesses and recruiters are now using an applicant tracking system (ATS), but only about 30% of resumes make it through to be seen by a human/recruiter. If you want to land that job, you need to be one of the 30% who make it through.

Kenya’s economy is improving; the majority of organizations have reopened following closures due to the Corona virus pandemic, with a sole focus on profit, and they are hiring again. This is an excellent time to be job hunting, as opportunities are increasing; don’t delay, submit your applications now. Let us now get down to the day’s business.

Here are our tips for nailing your resume:

1 Prioritise relevance

Your resume should place a greater emphasis on your most relevant skills, experience, and passion for the job you’re applying for; this is what recruiters are looking for. Do not include previous role metrics that do not apply on the current one. Rather than that, rearrange the bullet points under each previous role to emphasize the most pertinent experience and metrics for the job for which you’re applying.

2. Apply only to roles you’re qualified for.

To ensure that your application makes it through the system and into the eyes of recruiters, ensure that you are truly qualified and that you meet at least the minimum requirements. This does not mean that you must meet every single job requirement on the list; only the most fundamental and critical ones. For instance, some applicant tracking systems may not recommend your application to a recruiter if the job requires at least five years of experience and you only have two. Occasionally, a lack of core skills required to perform a job will automatically disqualify your application. You should apply to positions best fit for.

3. Avoid excessive fancy formatting/designs.

Avoid excessive formatting and the use of incompatible templates . Occasionally, the ATS will overlook some of these. What then should you use? To be safe, a simple word or pdf document should suffice to package your offer for the hiring team.

Additionally, while including your LinkedIn page in your contact information is beneficial, the best practice is to type the full address rather than hyperlinking the word “LinkedIn.” Occasionally, the ATS will disable the hyperlink, making it more difficult for the hiring team to locate you. To photograph or not to photograph?

4.Utilize the proper resume format

You must select the correct resume format. The ATS supports the reverse-chronological format best. It highlights your work experience at the top of the page. Following that, it will rank your experiences in order of importance. Employers and recruiters enjoy a high level of familiarity with this format. The reverse-chronological format almost always works flawlessly.

5. Individualize each application.

When applying for any position, always assume the organization makes use of an applicant tracking system (ATS). While you may have a generic resume, we recommend that you read the job description, highlight all relevant keywords, and work on your resume until you can incorporate nearly all of them. Your customized resume will typically stand out more and rank higher on the applicant tracking system (ATS) for that specific role than a generic resume will

Numerous people apply to over 50 jobs and never hear back. Instead of submitting numerous applications with the same resume, prioritize quality. Customise each application to make it stand out to the ATS.

We hope this piece will be beneficial,Thank you for reading!