Choosing between two job offers in Kenya

When Choosing between two job offers,which one do you take?

It is tempting to go for the fat cheque when choosing between two job offers without considering other factors like long term career goals, company culture and even your lifestyle. So, how do you handle this career defining moment?

Here are some questions to lead you into making the right decision.

1.Should you look past benefits?

Getting the best candidates in this competitive market is a hard task. A lot of companies know that. So, companies are offering medical covers and insurance, travel allowances to make themselves an attractive destination to top talents.

Picking a job on the basis of benefits only to realize that it has no career growth will leave you feeling stranded. It is therefore very strategic for you to consider how a job will affect your professional growth. And yes, while the benefits are important, they could lose their importance once you find out that you no longer enjoy the work.

Before accepting an offer , try and reach out to the a career expert first. Ask them to share other possible details you could have missed in the job descriptions that would make you consider job A over Job B. Through them and the information they have shared with you, you will be able to know the    full details of your job responsibilities and make a decision based on that.

For example, it would be well advised to pick a job that will help increase your network and offer you more skills to grow your career.

2.Most opportunities for growth?

Amongst the jobs offered, let’s say one pays you enough money to be able to move houses, acquire a car and generally afford anything you might want. The other job does not pay as much as the first one but it has a lot of opportunities for you to be able to advance your skills and career. Which one do you choose?

If you want to settle and are interested in a role that asks you to maintain mostly with lesser chances of innovation, then it makes sense to pick the one that offers more money. On the other hand, if you are looking to grow upwards both career wise and skill wise, then the job with more opportunities to learn makes perfect sense.

3.How is the company culture like?

You can already tell your colleagues from the interview you had. Were they excited to see you? Through their vibrance, you can tell what the company culture is like. Did the HR send you that offer email because the boss said it or they see value in you joining the organization?

You have the luxury of picking which company culture you want to work in. This includes the kind of colleagues you think you might click with. Remember you will spend more time with your co workers than any other group of people hence believe your instincts if it tells you to work with one group of people over another group.

Having 2 job offers to choose from is a good thing and you should feel good about it. You are confident that the market respects your skills and knowledge and wants you. However, this is a tough career decision and can’t be concluded at a glance. Go through the 2 choices you have been given and then delete the ones that don’t suit you. You are the one with the offers, the opinion and the power to be the best advocate for yourself.

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