CV Writing Tips: 3 Vital Do’s And Don’ts In Writing A Profile Summary

One of the best CV writing tips that many underestimate is to optimize their profile summary.

A profile summary is the opening statement of your CV that should entice the hiring manager to read your entire resume. It gives an outline of your attributes and work experience in a concise yet informative manner without giving too much information.

Here are tips on what to and what not to do when writing your profile summary.

The dos when writing your profile summary

1. Keep it short

A good summary should sum up your career in a four to six lines maximum. One paragraph. In these four to six lines, include an overview of your career objectives, your abilities, and your achievements.

It may be hard, especially for a person who has advanced themselves in skills. Only include the most essential attributes. You can use these attributes as the keywords of what you will showcase in your resume.

2. Keep it relevant

When writing a summary, it can be tempting to include every achievement and milestone you have made in your career, even the irrelevant ones. Try your best to avoid this by only adding skills that are in the job description.

Give a highlight of what you do best. For example, if you are good at communication skills, use this as a highlight for your summary, but only if it is a requirement for the job.

3. Provide evidence of your previous work

A profile summary is a good place for you to share your certificates as evidence of qualification. This enhances your chances of getting the job. For example, there are skills in your profession that are a requirement probably not taught at the university.

These include leadership skills or management skills. Essentially, the skills you have gone out of your way and learned later in life. Listing them makes your entire resume look impressive.

The don’ts when writing your profile summary

1. Do not take up too much space

Taking too much space for your profile summary shows the employer that you are a disorganized person who lacks the basic knowledge for writing a proper resume. If you cannot do such a simple task, then it creates a negative review of how well you would manage more significant tasks. Stick to the recommended four to six-line paragraph.

The goal is to keep it short and exciting enough that the hiring manager yearns to read more of the resume.

2. Do not deprecate your value

As much as you want to keep the summary brief, it is essential to know what to put in the summary profile. As said before, the profile summary is where you showcase all of your good attributes in relation to the company. To do this effectively, do your research on the company before submitting the resume.

Gathering information, especially on big companies, is very easy, thanks to the ever-improving technology. Google and other social media platforms are an excellent way to learn more about a company.

Find out what skills the company looks for in its personnel, as well as what talent you feel might be lucking that you may possess. That is the skill to use. Do not fear to showcase your strengths because if they do not see it in your profile, the hiring manager will see it in another one. And that will cost you an excellent job opportunity.

3. Do not bulk your profile summary with irrelevant information.

It is okay to have more qualifications than the job description requires. This may be as a result of a change in careers or merely a thirst for knowledge. However, as good as these skills may be, the summary is not the place to showcase them. It may appear boastful to the hiring manager, and this is not a character that will help you land a job.

CV Writing Tips Conclusion

A good summary should give a summarized version of all your primary attributes, achievements, and goals.

It should leave the hiring manager with a clear image of who you were at the start of your career and where you are heading career-wise and as an individual. Want more CV writing tips or need help creating a professional CV? Talk to our Expert CV writers today.

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