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Have you been applying for jobs with no success?

A professional CV is a job seeker’s best friend. A professional CV is all that stands between you and the career you’ve always wanted.

If you have been applying to jobs you’re qualified to, but you don’t hear back from employers and recruiters, there’s a high chance your CV is letting you down.

While you may meet all the qualifications and requirements, you may end up missing the position because of your CV.

Statistics show employers spend less than a minute going through your CV. If the CV doesn’t stand out, or if they don’t find what they are looking for in the first few seconds, the CV gets tossed aside.

How can you get a professional CV in Kenya?
The local job market is one of the most competitive, and with more professionals joining the same crowded space, the competition for limited positions will only grow.
Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about your CV letting you down. At Gap Recruitment Services, we offer professional CV writing services in Kenya. We help you craft the CV that will land you that dream job.

Our approach
When crafting your professional CV, we combine insights on the current hiring trends from our HR experts, as well as our extensive knowledge of the job market and its needs.
This process helps us create a professional CV that not only stands out to employers but also showcases your strengths and value to the organization.

Talk to our professional CV writers today
Are you ready to have a professional CV that will help you take your career to the next level? Let us help. Professional CV writing service is our area of expertise.
To start the process of having your very own polished CV, email your current CV to and one of our expert CV writers will get back to you shortly.
For questions and other CV writing queries, you can reach us on phone through +254207862222 or +254 715 155 512.

Get a professional CV today and take charge of your career!

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