Effective Strategies To Successful Employee Goal Setting

A managers’ job is to offer a supportive autonomy that is at the employees’ level of functioning. As the manager, enforce this by helping employee goal setting and achieving while guiding them from a distance. Furthermore, the employee should have access to evidence of how their work is of benefit to the company at large.

Evidence can be in terms of feedback with documented proof of where their work had an effect on the company.

Here are four tips for a successful employee goal setting.

1. Make it clear that the employee goals are tied to the company goals

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are a part of something greater.

As a manager, your team members should feel and know that their work is tied to the company’s ambitions. That their efforts do not go to waste.

The feeling of being engaged in the company achievements motivates the employees to work harder, smarter, and more efficiently. Thus, they all root for the success of the company that they identify with.

2. Challenge your employees

Depending on how goals are set, they can either be productive or destructive to the company. These eventually reflects on the end product of the work delivered. As a manager, set goals for your employees, which are challenging yet attainable. Once this is done, have a sit down with them and negotiate on the set goals.

At the end of these discussions, you will find that both parties have negotiated on the perfect and robust margin, which is usually a big goal. And a big goal creates momentum and motivation for workers as they work towards achieving success.

3. Plan on ways to achieve the set goals

Set clear goals and discuss with the team on how best they would like to go about achieving these goals. Then, help them outline and break down these goals into manageable and reasonable milestones and setting a timeline for each. A timeline entices accountability for each employee.

Finally, provide the necessary infrastructure such as other personnel from whom they can seek specialized assistance and also make office supplies available at all times.

4. Check-in once in a while for progress

Working as a team is simply a partnership. As a manager, the employees must know this. Team spirit will help everyone interact with each other and check on the work progress.  After every milestone, bring the team together for a progress report. Frequent progress reports help to identify errors or areas of improvement, which would cause problems later on in the project and hinder goal achievements.

Give progress reports weekly or after each milestone through meetings, emails, or written statements. The team should decide the set milestones.

5. Acknowledge individual employee goals

Every employee has personal goals or desires that go beyond the company objectives. For example, an employee may want to teach and have innate abilities to do that even though their profession I not in teaching. As the manager, you must create an environment where he can teach and still accomplish his desires. Assigning such an individual to train recruits or casual workers is an excellent example of acknowledging their personal goals and aspirations. These will not only give them a sense of belonging and appreciation, which makes them put a better effort in their other duties as well, but also have a massive advantage for the company.


A good employee goal setting will have everyone driven towards a set gal with enthusiasm and visible productivity in the work area. Every personnel will feel accountable d responsible enough for the task at hand, ensuring that they give it their best. As a manager or employer, create a conducive environment and lead by example.

If your employees find that you solve issues by running away from responsibility and accountability, they’ll lose the moral to work efficiently, and this will harm the company. Productivity will reduce due to few targets being met. A successful employee goal setting is the backbone of a successful company.

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