For any organization to grow and thrive, so must its employees.
Have you noticed gaps in how your employees?
Could the sales team improve their sales numbers? Does the customer experience team need to better their engagement skills?

After surveying the job market, we discovered a disparity between most organization’s employees and the skills needed to excel in the various roles.

The solution, as we saw it, was professional employee training. When your employees grow their skills, they not only get to grow and advance in their careers, they also take your organization to the next level.

The Gap Approach

While some firms do conduct employee training, most of them are to satisfy a set quota. This, in turn, discourages the employees from participating in the training, or gaining a boost in their skills.

To curb this, we introduced professional employee training services in Kenya. Our unique training methods put both the learners and the learning at the forefront. Our approach is practical, experiential, and fun: elements key to improving proficiency in the workplace.

Training solutions

Thus, seeing the gap between employees and the skills needed is vast, we sought to address niche areas key to the progress and evolution of your organization. These trainings include;

1. Customer Experience and Support

Customer support is one of the critical departments in most companies. The customer experience team can help your company retain existing business while assuring customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, most customer service professionals use outdated techniques in an ever-changing field. With the help of our customized trainings, your team can achieve the organization’s goals. Some of the areas we tackle in customer service training include:

  • How to retain your existing clients
  • Different ways to professionally handle customer complaints
  • Understating and meeting customer expectations
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Setting up an excellent customer service structure
  • How to increase sales and profits
  • Learning how to engage with different customers

Additionally, from the training, the employees will directly benefit in various ways. These include building their confidence and motivation and equipping them for skills to scale the corporate ladder.

2. Effective Sales and Marketing

Sales form the heart of any profitable organization. At the same time, it is one of the leading professions in turnover rates.
By training the sales and marketing teams, you’re investing back into growing the company through increased sales. Some of the needs we focus on during the training include;

  • How to prospect the right of customers
  • How to turn a sales leads to a returning customer
  • Ways to maintain customer relations past the sale
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • How to consistently achieve and surpass set KPIs
  • How to engage with high-end clients
  • Telesales training

To attain practical goals form the trainings, we develop customized trainings manual to suit your team as well as meat the organization’s aspirations.

Enroll your team today
Employees are amongst your company’s greatest resource. Training your workforce is investing back in the company. 

Are you ready to train your employees and watch the company thrive? Contact us on inquiry@gaprecruitment.co.ke or call us at +254 715 155 512, and we will advise on the way forward.

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