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Recruiting the right candidate takes time, effort, and company resources. 
Companies often end up hiring substandard applicants to save time and cost. 
Unfortunately, this process may end up causing more harm than good.

How do you recruit the right candidates with a limited budget?
At Gap Recruitment Services, we offer comprehensive employment screening services aimed at getting you the best candidates, even on a limited budget.
Our screening service comprises of:

  • Advertising the position both to our vast pool of professionals and on various platforms
  • Shortlisting applicants and when necessary, headhunting for the right candidate
  • Conducting a thorough phone screening process and sharing the progress and results in a comprehensive report
  • Conducting free reference checks and verifying credentials for the top two candidates

Usually, the entire screening process takes an average of 48 hours.

Are you looking for a professional employment screening services? Contact us today!

To get in touch with our HR experts for the screening service, email us on or call us at +254 715 155 512.

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