End to End Recruitment

Gap Recruitment

Gap helps you find great professionals who fit your needs by providing end-to-end recruitment services – one of our unique methods includes assessment

in order to match highly qualified candidates with employers’ necessities and expectations while abiding by their ethical guidelines.

What we will do for you …

We help you avoid these key challenges through our thorough end to end recruitment:

Gap has the most dynamic and innovative recruitment service

in the industry. We will not only find you an excited new candidate,

we’ll make sure the candidate is a perfect skillset for your organization!

Sorting out multiple applications.
Balancing between speed and quality.
Outdated recruitment strategies
Screening candidates.
Getting the right fit.

The Gap Approach

Through a series of effective steps we will get you the right fit regardless of the challenge you are facing.

Step 1: We'll come to you

We propose an initial meeting to uncover your unique needs and understand your business, culture and management styles. We’ll review or support develop JD(s) for the new Hire(s). Discuss timelines and budgets for the hire.

Step 2: The Search begins


 We utilize use of latest technology, techniques and strategies to cast our nets far and wide. Our sourcing strategies are targeted, strategic and focused on identification of expertise, competency and soft skills.


Step 3: The Screening Process

 We will screen and evaluate each candidate against the JD, company requirements and culture to ensure a perfect fit. Our ATS system enables us engage with quality candidates from the onset and only spend half the standard time screening.  


Step 4: The Selection Process

Our interview processes are rigorous, that tests candidates’ expertise, technical & soft skills, business acumen etc. The process is data driven; we utilize interview score sheets, personality tests, case studies and work trials to ensure quality of our hires.  


Step 5: Review & Select

We will support you through this stage of interviews, one way is we help you create effective interview strategies including STAR interview technique e.tc. 

Step 6: Background checks


We will conduct thorough background check on candidate’s professional status and academic credentials.


Step 7: Reference checks

We seek and  share with you written feedback from previous employers.


Final Step: Hire & Offer

We will support you in ensuring you secure your new hire within the right timelines and within the correct salary scales. We will also advice on the various types of contracts especially under special circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Basic Info

How long will the process take?

Gap Recruitment Services seeks to provide value through our services, this is why to save you time we deliver results within 7 working days.

Service Info

What is your 90 Day Hiring Guarantee?

If the candidate leaves within the first 3 months, we guarantee a free replacement.

Let us help you get your Dream Hire

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