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Recruiting the right candidate to join your organization can be time-consuming and tedious.
While there are countless professionals to choose from, getting the right fit may be a bigger challenge. You’ll likely spend countless hours going through the applications, shortlisting, conducting interviews, and carrying out reference checks.

The entire recruitment process is filled with challenges and hurdles including:

  • Attracting the right candidates
  • Sorting through the unending applications
  • Balancing between speed and quality
  • Outdated recruitment strategies
  • Closing candidates with multiple offers

At Gap Recruitment, we provide outstanding end to end recruitment services in Kenya aimed at matching highly qualified professionals with your organization.
With years of hands-on experience, our HR experts will help you fill the vacant position with a professional that matches your organization’s standards, ethics, and culture.

 The Gap Approach

We understand the importance of hiring a fitting candidate. This is why we have a customized and thorough recruitment process that involves:

  • A one-on-one meeting with your organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs
  • Preparing an exhaustive and targeted job description designed to attract the right candidates for you
  • Sieving through our vast professional database to get the best and most fitting candidate
  • Conducting preliminary interviews guided by your preferences and needs
  • Providing you with a shortlist of the 5 most promising candidates accompanied by a detailed report on the process
  • Conducting reference checks and academic certificate verification

We seek to provide value, and should the candidate leave within the first 3 months; we guarantee a free replacement. Additionally, we understand the necessity and urgency of hiring the right candidate, which is why we deliver results within 7 working days.

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When it comes to recruitment, we do the heavy lifting to get you the right candidate. Reach us on email via inquiry@gaprecruitment.co.ke or call us at +254 715 155 512 to kick start the recruitment process.

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