Gaps? We Are Your Company’s Safety Net

Gaps could literally mean anything depending with the context.

For example, a gap in teeth in the African culture is either a thing of beauty or an initiation rite whereas a gap in the market from a business perspective could be a specific area in the market where a company seeks to dominate. A gap in business on the other hand could be defined as a problem in an organization which makes it not to function at an optimum.

Let’s deal with the last one, gaps in business.

The most known use of recruitment agencies is to fill open positions with perfect candidates for companies. Just to let you know, recruitment agencies actually help fill several other gaps that people outside the business would never know. These gaps in a business could either be strategic or implementational and. Agencies fill these gaps and are even crucial to your own inhouse hiring managers!

Therefore, in what situations do recruitment agencies act as a safety net for employers?

A Fighting Chance

Navigating the world of Human Resource policies is tricky. Different industries face different situations ranging from contractual issues, recruitment and hiring, statutory and regulatory requirements and basic compliance issues. For example, some industries are known to have lots of contractual issues hence court cases are a normal occurrence to Human resource managers. This could be a potential waste of both time and finances for the business.

By partnering with agencies, your business has a fighting chance when it comes to foreseeing contractual and compliance challenges ahead. The future is always good for those who are prepared. Also, no one likes to gamble when an investment is high risk. Right? We are your company’s safety net.

A Money Saver

This may sound less cool but did you know that staffing companies help their clients save money by reducing wage costs? Yes, while recruiters are in the business of finding jobs, they also help businesses to efficiently manage it finances. Who wants to see a client’s business fail? Definitely not me and you.

A client changing continents used to pay 7 times more to wages as compared to the market rates. While it was good for the employees, the return on investment was unattainable for the business. When it comes to matters money, one needs an assurance and an agency could be that safety net through outsourcing.

A Business Partner

Success of an Inhouse HR department is measured by how strategic it is in aligning human capital efforts to the strategic goals of a business. Through constant trainings and outsourcing of departmental duties, in house HR departments are left with more time to craft strategic policies hence moving them closer to being Human Resource Business Partners as compared to being normal HR’s.

Also, during establishing of new companies, employers tend to seek out recruitment agencies to help craft the company’s organogram. This increases efficient as a result of clear reporting lines.

Sensible Job Descriptions

An employer actually knows that they need an accountant but they most of the time do not know apart from balancing books, what software are required to achieve accountancy work how else they could track their work progress, how to motivate them etc. This is where agencies come in.

While some business may have a clue on the job descriptions, most of them end up with sloppy job descriptions. Just to let you know, a Monster survey of 2,030 job seekers revealed that mistakes or sloppy editing of Job descriptions kept them from applying for these positions. Where does this leave the company in times of time loss?

Sixty-four percent of respondents said they would not respond to an ad with a poorly written or confusing job title! Imagine spending money on an ad and end up not getting any responses!

To make this situation even worse, 60 percent of candidates found the jargon used in the job advertisement to be annoying!


Therefore, agencies are actually a safety net to saving your business money, time and reputation.

Why risk spoiling a brand through sloppy job descriptions? Why waste money through countless contractual court interactions? As a business or business owner, you should be able to foresee these challenges and how to counter them before they occur.

We are your safety net and therefore, for recruitment inquiries, remember to write to us at or call us on +254 20 7860108. Good luck!

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