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Your Secret Blog Series: Part 3

In our last blog article on the series ‘golden rules to having an A – level CV’ we discussed how to carefully study a Job description before re-writing your CV. We reminded you that your CV changes depending on the job description provided, the industry, and the title of the job.

Today we discuss the different experts you could consult while creating an A-Level CV for yourself.

Having a wow CV is not a one-man job. It involves different players who could be beneficial in your quest to having a simple yet informative CV that sells you well. Have you ever walked into a room and asked an opinion about your new hairstyle? Everyone had lots of opinions ranging from who you look like, how different the cut could have been done, and what to do next time you go for one, right?

The same thing happens when you seek opinions about your CV. There will be contradictions in all the advice you’re given. So, take advice from people in the industry like us and people you trust who will help you to check through the spellings and grammar as well your cv format.


There are many professional cv writers working within companies and others working as freelancers. These CV writers have many years of writing under their belts which could be instrumental in helping shape your CV. While it may come under a small cost, it is definitely worth every penny as the CV will get you even more worth.

Therefore, it will make more sense for you to consult with them and incorporate their expert opinions into your CV.


A recruiter can mostly be found in recruitment agencies. While many job seekers imagine that recruiters are strictly meant to interview you and that is it, there is more to what they do than just interviewing you. They are expert CV writers. Due to their frequency of perusing through CVs, they have come across hundreds of resumes and are familiar with job-winning formats.

Therefore, they are in a good position to advise you on the dos and don’ts of having an A – level CV. With that said, it would be wise of you to at least have a recruiter as your contact so that you can seek an expert opinion from them.


Human Resource Managers just like recruiters are knowledgeable in CV writing. They have probably been in countless interviews and have seen numerous CV formats that could be of benefit to you. So, make sure you have positive relations with them.

Also remember, Human Resource Managers are in charge of creating job descriptions in most companies and could help you to break down job descriptions and use those wordings in your CV.


Career and interview coaches are also another lot of experts who could be beneficial in helping you to have an A-level CV.

They, just like Recruiters and Human Resource managers sieve through CVs in order to be able to give career directions to their respective clients. They have knowledge of how job-winning CVs look like. They can be found in recruitment firms or as freelancers. Be sure to look out for them.

While friends and family are also important in providing an extra eye for your CV, they themselves are not enough to make it an A-level CV. Experts in CV Writing and Hiring industries play a major role in refining it for you. While some may charge a coin for consultation, it is definitely worth it in the long run. Be sure to consult with them.

See you in our next blog article

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