How To Write A CV That Stands Out

Ask any hiring manager around, and they will tell you, recruiters spend a few moments looking over a CV before they move on to the next one. Therefore, how you present your CV becomes very important; after all, first impressions matter. With this in mind, we have come up with five effective ways on how to write a CV that stands out.

These are;

1. Have a strong summary

The first four to six lines of your CV are the summary. These lines are the first view of your career. They give a brief overview of everything you have achieved, which means that they have to be impressive. With this in mind, ensure that you only add your best accomplishments, attributes, certificates, and ambitions concerning the job you are applying for. Doing this is a guarantee to attract the employer’s attention.

For example, of all your achievements, choose the ones that relate directly to the job you are applying for, as well as skills you feel, would have a positive impact on the company. The summary should be precise, clear, and engaging enough, leaving the recruiter yearning to read more of your CV.

2. Stick to the job at hand

For an outstanding CV, ensure that all of your qualities speak to the job you are applying for. Otherwise, your skills are irrelevant. Recruiters require that each candidate understands the job they are applying for, and this will only be demonstrated in how you respond to the job post. Take your time to understand all the requirements thoroughly and to put all your affairs in order.

3. Ensure that your progress in the said field is shown

In the correct order, showcase your growth as an individual in the professional aspect of your life. Make sure that you put the proper timeline of when you achieved each goal. For example, have your progress showcased from the beginning of your career to the current time. If your career path changed at some point, showcase that as well and where needed, clarify the reason for the career change. This will show the recruiter of your commitment to growth and desire to learn or adjust accordingly where required.

4. Make it clear that you care about results & not just title given.

Most candidates tend to list responsibilities which they have held in the past without necessarily showing the results. The endgame to any task given is the positive results you as an employee yields in the company, and this is what the recruiter wants to see. When writing your CV, include these results. For example, ‘while working as the communication manager at my previous company, I was able to efficiently train recruits on how to communicate information in the right way to our prospective clients. This helped to yields higher results as the clients had enough and correct information. I look forward to bringing this same skills to this company if and when hired.’

5. Let the recruiters know that you have great insight on the industry as well as beneficial connections

When hiring, every recruiter looks forward to employing a recruit with more than just basic knowledge of the industry. They look forward to hiring an employee with more than just basic industry knowledge. Therefore, ensure that you are up to date on what is happening in the said industry, the changes being made, future changes, and adjustments that may occur as well as the essential historic event s that have influenced the industry at that particular time. This knowledge should go hand in hand with crucial connections, both major, or minor to people who are bound to influence the company’s progress effectively. These connections can be friends you went to school with or individuals you have worked with before in the same field and could have a positive impact on the company.

The perfect CV does not exist, and that is why good enough has to be great. With the above tips, we assure you a better chance at having a great interview since your CV will not only stand out, but leave the recruiters eager enough that they will want to meet the person behind it.  All the best.

How To Write A CV Conclusion

Now that you’ve known how to write a CV that gives you the best chance to land your dream job, get started on it. Our team of expert CV writers and HR personel are also ready to give a helping hand to help you craft a masterpiece for that job. Apply for our CV Writing services today.

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