IS YOUR JOB SECURE? What You Should Know

You have been working from home for a while now. 

During this period, your company had been reorganizing itself in one way or another. Now you are back and noticing multiple laying offs in a different department, pay cuts across different divisions and even change in sitting arrangements. By the way, the water dispenser may also have been moved. 

Anyway, while you expected most of these changes to occur due to the safety guidelines put in place, others have caught you by surprise. This could have brought you some anxiety making you to experience uncertainty as to whether you can hold onto the job for long. Due to the past unexpected changes, you feel like the job has little security. 

This is indeed a daunting feeling. Most professionals we have interacted with lately are also at this point. They are craving for a form of job security! Unfortunately, most professionals are not guaranteed of employment in these current uncertainties of our new normal.   

Of course, it is not on your control if your entire team is sent home because your company can no longer afford you a salary. Good news is, there are steps you can take to prove your worth, help you keep the job you have, and excel even during difficult periods. Also don’t forget that you need to make yourself a more appealing candidate in case you do need to search for something new. 

Strive to be the ‚Äúsolutions guy‚Ä̬†

You should strive to know your current business, industry and even customers’ pain better. By knowing your customer’s pain, you will be able to come up with solutions for their problems. Businesses are built to solve problems for their customers and if that is what you are doing, then you will not affect your company’s revenue positively but also help the brand stand out as the preferred solution or product for years to come. With that, you are guaranteed for a soft spot (an asset that can’t just be wished away) in the company.  

Keep Your Skills Up to Date 

Now that you have seen the importance of knowing and dealing with your customer’s pain, the next step should be keeping yourself on toes skill-wise. 

Whether your company is interested in your skills development or¬†not bestow it upon yourself to keep learning and horning¬†your skills¬†to stay employable.¬†Within your area of operation, there are new developments coming up in¬†terms of¬†software’s-make a point of keeping¬†self-abreast¬†with such developments. Take¬†Gap¬†Recruitment¬†Services¬†Limited¬†as an example, we‚Äôve employed the use of the¬†latest technology in applicant tracking¬†system (ATS)¬†to screen our candidates for interviews. Our recruiters have not only subscribed for the latest release of¬†the software changes but also actively participating through¬†self-paced¬†class¬†modes during their own times.¬†¬†

Your employer supporting your skill development journey or not should not deter you from horning them, explore on free or open universities to further remain competitive. 

 Keep Networking 

Networking involves meeting and getting to know people who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return. It is always on basis of trust and support and can potentially be the demarcating line between a mediocre career and a phenomenal career. 

Your network is an excellent source for new perspectives and ideas to help you in your role. Exchanging information on challenges, experiences and goals will allow you to gain new insights that you may not have otherwise thought of. 

Be Known For¬†‚ÄúSomething‚Ä̬†

You are working, your skills are up to date and you are actively networking. People know you and like you but what are you good at? 

Focus on becoming very good at something specific. You probably know of a friend who is a jack of all trade. They are able to do literally anything yet if someone asks you to endorse them for a certain skill, you find that difficult! No matter how many other skills you have, you have to have one skill that can truly advocate for you and make you to be sort after. 

Looking for a job that will carry you to your retirement is a pipe dream. While it is possible, a lot of things make your mission a difficult one. Thousands of new skill and young talent is being churned out of universities every semester. Skilled employees keep on changing jobs and companies want them as they seek to create niches in the marketplaces. 

It would therefore be wise for you to build job security in yourself. This is the kind of job security which no one can take from you. Visit our website regularly for career advice as well as latest opportunities. 


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