Let’s Fill the Gap In Your Cover Letter

It is 3 weeks into the new year! Who needs a cover letter? Is it really important? Let’s talk.

While some candidates believe cover, letters are a waste of time, I believe you are not one of them. The influence of a cover letter in today’s competitive job market is immense. In short, it is an easy way to stand out in huge pool of qualified candidates.

A well written cover letter will simply grab an interview for you on its own. It is sad that most job hunters simply want to send generic cover letters without first putting some efforts into tailoring it. Apart from that being a precursor to not being selected, completely ignoring to send one while sharing your resume with recruiters is a cardinal offence.

Now that you know the importance of having a cover letter to accompany your resume, lets dive into some of the gaps in your cover letter that you need to fill up to increase chances of landing yourself an interview.

Gap 1: Following the advertisement that I saw…

To begin, this line has been used by thousands of candidates for a couple of decades. This simply means, the line has been overused. This could show a lack of creativity and also it fails to address employer’s needs and the skills you are bringing to the company. Some candidates would begin by telling a company how great they think the company is, creating a gap in the minds of the reader. Instead, tell the recruiter how YOU will keep the great company great.

Try and begin your cover letter with impacts you will bring in your new position or have done in the past. Something like ‘I invented this application a few years ago and it has proved to be both a time and money saver’. Whatever way you begin the cover letter, make sure you make yourself great again.

Gap 2: Highlights of Your Background

Secondly, going by the opening, a candidate has to keep hitting the bull’s eye by talking more about their accomplishments in their previous positions. This is called proof. By this, you are demonstrating that you have the capability to perform duties stated by the employer.

So, how do you develop this proof? After knowing what an employer wants either through your network or job descriptions, you go ahead and outline the critical things the employer wants. This will fill any gaps that would otherwise have left a room for doubt.

Therefore, highlight the tasks and skills needed by comparing your ability to carry them out while indicating past known achievements as a sign that you can execute the task at hand.

Gap 3: Check on your cover letter format

Thirdly, Recruiters receive thousands of applications every week. With deadlines on their sides too, be sure they would not read word by word of your cv. They will quickly skim and scan for keywords. In this state of work, they will be quick to note spellings and grammar errors. Remember most people will note the bad things first before good ones. Also, too much writing and long paragraphs could have opposite effects hence try and stick to not more than one page in length.

Dear candidate, the search is on and the hunt for the next gig this January is halfway. Fill the gaps in your cover letter by being brief, show confidence in it while avoiding to look like the best gift the employer can ever receive.

Visit Gap recruitment services to see a right job for you. The most important thing is taking good care of yourself and following some of the above advise.

To start the process filling gaps in your cover letter and resume, email your current cover letter and resume to careerdevelopment@gaprecruitment.co.ke and one of our cv writers will get back to you shortly. For further queries on CV writing, reach us on phone through +254207862222 or +254 715 155 512. Goodluck!

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