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NO MORE MONDAY BLUES? Signs That Your Job Is Fit For You

During the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, you probably took up another job after being laid off or maybe your previous company could not continue operating in the new economic climate.

In this new job, you are really enjoying yourself and wondering why your current place is different from the past position you occupied. You are enthusiastic, full of energy and productivity. You hang out with your new workmates and they even inquire on how your weekend was. Generally, apart from work, you feel like you are among good people.

Could this be a good sign that this is the right job for you! So, what indicates that you have landed yourself the right job?

You Are Rarely Looking At Your Watch

In your previous position, you used to look at your watch and imagine how slow time was flying. A minute felt like half an hour while an hour felt like the whole of January! But now in your new job, you ask yourself ‘how is it 3 pm already when I just walked in a few hours ago in the morning?’ 

If you look at your watch and find yourself amazed at how quickly time has passed, then it could just mean that you love the new office ambience, enjoy working with your colleagues or simply put, you are fully into your work. That is a good sign.

Catch Up With Colleagues

So far, your job is enjoyable because you like the people you work with and therefore, you are always looking forward to going to work tomorrow and the day after. You are always looking forward to catching up with your colleagues over break or lunch. This is a good sign that you among good people and in the right job.

 No More Monday Blues

You admire your workmates brilliance and intelligence in solving day to day challenges. This makes you to look forward to meeting them on Mondays as you know their interactions are beneficial to you. You also view the new job as manageable and a step in the right direction in your career development and so, you no longer just live for the weekend.

Always Browsing The Job Boards

In your past position, your mornings would begin with opening and answering your emails then the next step would be to browse Gap Recruitment Services and other jobs boards. But now, it has been 3 months and you haven’t visited any job board.

You are no longer browsing on job boards just to see where next to go or jumping on those referral opportunities that pay more or are closer home. This indicates that you are finding your new job very rewarding and hence a good fit for you.

You Are Learning New Skills

Before getting the new job, you passed through several interviews. Your vast skills set you apart from other applicants. Therefore, you were chosen and now working.  In the new job, you are not only using your past skills but building upon them. You are exposed to new scenarios and softwares that help you to become efficient in the current capacity. You love it and it feels like progress. It is right for you.

Therefore, if you like what you are doing and are in tandem with the company’s mission – it is the right job for you. If you no longer dread Monday blues and always looking out to catching up with your colleagues, then it just could be the right job. After all, you spent most of our time at work and it would serve you right to be at the right job.

At Gap Recruitment Services LTD, we are continuously investing in you to ensure you get the right job for yourself. Keep up to date with the latest vacancies on our job board. Interact with career mentors and coaches as well by writing to us Good luck!




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