Odoo ERP developer job description.

Are you an Odoo ERP Specialist seeking to create a perfect resume? We have prepared a sample job description to help you draft a resume that matches your job requirements. To start, Determine what information is most important to prospective employers and emphasize it in your resume to move one step closer to a job interview with a recruiter.

Secondly,understand the Responsibility of an Odoo ERP specialist .

An Odoo ERP Specialist is responsible for managing and administering the organization Odoo ERP System and testing the new System modules to validate that they are working as expected.

The following are common responsibilities of an Odoo specialist:

  • Most importantly,Managing and administering the organization’s Odoo ERP system.
  • Contributing to the development of the organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and cloud computing services.
  • Evaluating the organization’s information technology systems for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Evaluate and recommend the best IT services and ERP system for the firm.
  • Validating that the new system module operate as planned.
  • Delivering completed software products to clients and doing frequent performance audits on the goods.
  • Communicating with users to keep track of new requests and features
  • Organize and preserve documents by storing, managing, tracking, organizing, and maintaining them in accordance with the organization’s document lifecycle procedures.
  • Using cloud storage to back up the organization’s papers to eliminate the possibility of data loss
  • Create and submit monthly (plans and reports) to the line manager.
  • Invest in self-education opportunities and build a professional network while at work. Adhere to all safety and health precautions.
  • Submit comments and impressions that will help to improve the job conducted by concerned employees on any subject that could jeopardize the organization’s integrity, impartiality, or reputation.

Here are examples of requeirements and qualifications required for an Odoo specialist job.

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or any other relevant field.
  • At least 2 years of experience in Odoo ERP System Administration.
  • Prior experience as ERP system administrator.
  • Prior experience as system analyst or in a similar position.
  • Solid Working knowledge of Odoo ERP System.

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