Quick Tips for Running a Successful Remote Video Interviews

As more and more professionals settle into their routine working from home – including you as a hiring manager – remote video interviews have now become the order of the day. Remote video interviews are not only a good alternative to meeting face-to-face, but they are also less convenient and less expensive.

As a manager, you may have participated in online meetings before, but never to conduct video interviews.

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare and enable you to make the most of the hiring process, while at home.

Tip 1: Prepare in advance                   

Just like a face-to-face interview, online interviews too, require preparation. As the interviewer, set up the expectations about the remote video interview with the candidate beforehand.

Talk about who will place the call and what platform will be used. Communicating the details of the interview will put the candidate at ease, and ultimately make the whole process run smoothly.

Also, conduct a technical trial run of your video conferencing platform – be it Skype for Business, Google Hangouts or Zoom – beforehand, giving yourself enough time to adapt if anything is not working.

If you have not used the video conferencing application for a while, make sure you know your login information as well. All in all, ensure your equipment is charged and ready to go.

Tip 2: Have a backup plan

Despite all the preparation, sometimes the platform you planned to use does not work. Therefore, ensure you have the interviewee’s details so you can easily connect or have a telephone interview if need be.

Another common issue is bandwidth. If more than one person is online in an apartment or house at the same time, it can cause delays or other issues with video conferencing tools. While not ideal, one way you can try to address this issue is to turn off the video function on the application you’re using during the interview. You’ll still be able to talk to each other on whatever platform you’re using, just without the visuals. You also might try to schedule the interview at a time when fewer people in your home are online.

Tip 3: Watch facial expressions & tone of voice

Try to keep your voice calm and speak clearly, but also be sure to smile or laugh where appropriate –just like you would in person. You want to demonstrate to the interviewee that you’re engaged in the conversation.

Also leave a few seconds at the end of sentences or after you ask a question, to minimize talking over each other. Remember to look at the camera when you’re speaking, not your image or the interviewee’s image.

Tip 4: Have a strong close

Like in a face-to-face interview, tell the candidate the next step in the process & ask if they have any questions.

Ultimately, you are representing your company during an online interview. Knowing how to effectively conduct a video interview leaves candidates with a positive view of both you and your business.

Remote Video Interview Tips Conclusion

You now know how to successfully conduct a remote video interviews.

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