Let’s be real for a moment, you have people both at your workplace and personal life whom you like more than others. This is perfectly normal. This affection depends on different factors ranging from work relationships, talents, preferences, career levels etc. and bosses are exactly the same as you. They could be fond of some employees more than others and this could entirely be for different reasons.

A boss could be fond of you because of your ethics or discipline. They could also like you because of your expertise and reliability. Some boss could like you because you compliment their skills among other subjective reasons.

What if that favourite boss-employee is you? If it is you, then you stand to gain more by being in the good books with your boss. Bosses have the ability to go above and beyond to help you learn new skills, take on leadership roles that could propel you to get that promotion you crave for. After all, they are the ones who put the final signature on such matters.

Some experts say that if you realize you are getting special treatment from your boss, you should keep humble and stay professional to avoid disrupting the workplace.

Here are some reasons why you are your boss’s favourite employee;

  1. You are reliable and ethical

Your boss has been able to count on you on various aspects of work.

The most basic thing about reliability is turning up for work each and every day and avoiding unnecessary absences. No matter the situations, your boss is assured that they will find you at work. They also count on you to carry out an activity for them when they are not in the office. They know a task will be accomplished in their absence. In addition to being just reliable, your work ethics are also unmatched. While other employees keep complaining, you always have maintained your cool and only complain if an issue affects your workmanship and the organization’s goal in general.

For being reliable and ethical you have earned a place as your boss’s favourite employee.

  1. You are willing to learn and are productive

You are always willing to learn more than just the basics of work.

While you have been taught the mandatory things to do at work, going out of your work scope to learn other tricks and processes has made you your boss’s favourite. Most bosses do not like micromanagement hence they are likely to grow fond of you if you show that you are proactive and work independently. You have done just that!

Apart from learning more about your organization, you have objectively delivered on every task given. This productivity has definitely earned you a place on the favourite list of employees.

  1. You are an expert at what you do

Being an expert simply means that you are good at what the company has hired you to do.

You provide solutions to different challenges hence the boss believes in your ability to get the job done. Being an expert means, you are an asset to the company and a major player in what matters to the business.

  1. You compliment your boss’s skillset

You might never know why your boss carries you along to many meetings. This could be the reason. You compliment their skillset.

While your boss is a tough negotiator, he is not good with filler conversations hence he carries you along because you are good at it. He/She lets you begin the conversations and then at some point when he is ready, he takes over.

This means that he/she needs you in order to complete certain tasks. You will therefore be on their speed dial and meeting s with them. By complimenting their skillset, you have become a favourite to them.

Something to remember here, if you realize that you are generally treated better by your boss more than the way your colleagues are, it is most probably because you are their favourite and you are doing something right! Use that to your advantage as well as to the advantage of your team.

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