Job Search During Coronavirus : The Ultimate Guide

How will the Corona Pandemic has drastically affected all walks of life with multiple individuals losing their jobs. This means that job search during Coronavirus is particularly competitive.

Under normal circumstances, looking for a job can be rather stressful. The job hunting process in Kenya can take anywhere from weeks to months, and in some cases, years. Now, as the Covid-19 sweeps through the globe, the process of looking for a job is even more uncertain.

With more governments introducing unprecedented and drastic measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, how will your job hunting process be affected? Do you stand a chance of getting your dream job or advancing your career at the moment?

We compiled a list of the most asked questions by professionals and job seekers regarding coronavirus, and how it will affect the job search process.

1. Are companies still hiring?                                            

One of the most relevant questions is if companies are still looking for professionals. Is there any need to apply for jobs if you have to wait till the pandemic is over?

While there are companies that are completely shutting down, most of the companies are still operational -in part or entirely. Additionally, some companies have been forced to evolve, which calls for more qualified personnel and professionals.

For instance, most companies are increasingly focusing on digital platforms, requiring the skills of web designers, digital marketers, graphics designers, and so forth.

When looking for a new job, start with the organizations that are still fully operational.

2. Are employers holding online interviews?

Once you’ve applied for a position with your professional CV, you now wait patiently, hoping you’ll get an interview call.

What happens when you’re shortlisted for a position? Well, most employers are resulting in online interviews. Platforms such as Zoom and Skype have gained popularity over the last few months.

Having an online interview invites a different set of rules and guidelines. Talk to an interview coaching specialist for more customized tips on how to handle an online interview.

3. Will there be delays in the recruitment process?

A few companies have halted their recruitment process altogether. Fortunately, while there are foreseeable delays, most companies are continuing with their hiring processes.

While you may be tempted to relax and stop applying for jobs until the pandemic has passed, it is imperative to continue with your application process as companies are still recruiting.

Remember to be patient with employers and hiring managers. You will, most likely, experience delays in the hiring process as everyone is getting used to the new routines.

4. Do you require new skills?

Most people were excited about the first few days of isolation and quarantine. However, as the situation carried on, being indoors became more tiresome. As a result, people are looking for ways to keep busy, including working out, learning new skills, and other engaging activities.

If you have time and would like to increase your employability chances, learning a new professional skill or improving on the existing ones can be helpful. You’ll get a creative way to pass the time while adding to your skills and competencies.

Various organizations and education institutions are offering online courses. You can now grow your skills without leaving the house.

Job Search During Coronavirus Conclusion

Ultimately, it is important to realize we are at different times. Most of the rules we’ve been following are changing. But, if you are well prepared, you can not only get a great job, but you can also grow and advance your career.

A great job search starts with a professional CV. If you need help with crafting a professional CV, talk to an expert today, and watch your career take off.

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