Getting a job can be a real struggle, transitioning into it shouldn’t be a struggle either!  Your application went through and you had a successful interview. You just got that much-awaited call from the HR congratulating you for nabbing the opportunity.  

As the reporting day draws near, you¬†are thinking¬†of how to transition into the¬†new¬†organization.¬†You¬†already¬†know¬†settling in a new position¬†in a new organization¬†can be challenging¬†and there is need¬†for you¬†to prepare.¬†You will face¬†the excitement of getting¬†the¬†opportunity to showcase your skills,¬†the nervousness¬†of navigating a¬†new company and the little fact of¬†‚Äėall eyes are on you‚Äô.¬†

All these can totally scare anyone even Superman but this should not get you worried. We’ve got you! Just remember it will take a bit more time than you’d expect to settle into your new job. 

Therefore, don’t beat yourself but keep in mind that your first 90 days are usually a transitional period during which you will try and find footing in your new company. 

So, how do you easily transition into your new job? Here’s how: 

Be Open to Learning 

From your previous roles, you realized that new roles come with new people, new systems and new environments. It took time to master all of them but eventually you did. 

You will in the first place face a small challenge of wanting to impress and show your teammates how competent and a talented asset you are to the company. Just remember to not let this desire prevent you from learning from them. 

Strive to listen, learn and absorb all that you can to enable you to transition into your new role successfully. Remember to carry a pen and a book to jot down the simple things that may escape your mind like co-workers’ names. 

Be Flexible & Ready to Adjust 

The location of your sitting desk or stationeries will be different from those at your old job! Let’s say you came from a traditional office setting. You had your own office in your previous position but in this new job, you will be working in an open office setting. Be prepared to adjust to that.  

New jobs as discussed earlier will come with new environments hence be flexible to seek help in case you find trouble in locating simple things such as water dispenser. 

Your office manager or supervisor may provide you with a contact list for your first week but if they don’t, be willing to ask them for a floor plan. This will help you maneuver around on your own. 

Find Your Routine 

Due to the pandemic, you might have had a lengthy lay off which means you adapted new ways of doing things. 

You changed on your waking up time, time to exercise and simply underwent breaking and remaking of a variety of routines. This could pose a challenge once you return to working and have tasks at hand. 

Therefore, you will have to actively seek to build a routine that will allow you to be effective at work. 

Use Goal Setting Techniques 

Within the first week of you transitioning into your new role, you will have to create a personal roadmap.  

By asking yourself on what you want to achieve in the near future and how to keep up with consistency for the first 3 months of your work, you will be steps ahead. These questions are to set you off in the right direction. 

Get Yourself A Buddy 

When you go to Rome, do what Romans do. So, get yourself a Roman guide! 

After learning and observing daily operations in your new role, you will spot someone you admire within the company. This person is your buddy. Share your interest in learning from them and their experiences. Good news for you is that 

The best way to familiarize with new environments is to have someone who has been in your shoes to hold your hand. 

Not all of the above tips will be applicable in your transition into your new job, however most will. Industry type, size and type of the organization, stage of the organization will all factor into what you need to do to adjust effectively. 

Yes, it may take you time but you will transition successfully. It may feel overwhelming but don’t let that affect your performance. Just remember, we’ve got you!  

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